Combinations with mom jeans

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combinations with mom jeans

Amazing combinations with mom jeans

Mom jeans were out of the fashion styles for a few months, replaced by tighter versions; however, as we all know, fashion styles quickly change and the low rise jeans are now leaving the streets and opening a space to more comfortable types, such as the mom jeans. If you have them in your closet, pull them out as we will give you some tips so you can make amazing combinations with them.

“Jeans are part of the trends and we suddenly see out on the streets those styles of jeans that were out of fashion styles for years, which shows the amazing influence of this garment”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Mom jeans are lose at the hips and get tighter while they go down, if you have a pair, you should start adding them in your outfits, and here are some tips that will make you do it in an amazing way:

  1. As a basic rule, you should always tuck your tops on your mom jeans, whether it is a tee or a loose shirt, do not forget to put them within your jeans.
  2. Cuffing the hem on your jeans will give them a very cool look.
  3. When you combine your mom jeans with black heels, you get a very sophisticated look.
  4. These types of jeans are perfect to accentuate your waist, so wear them with a tight top to flatter your silhouette.
  5. Your mom jeans can help you getting a feminine look if you combine them with a silk blouse and pointy heels.
  6. If you want to carry your mom jeans to the office, wear them on a Casual Friday and combine them with a shirt you will tuck on them and a trench coat.
  7. These jeans look amazing with something as a basic as a white t-shirt and black pumps.

“There are plenty of different ways to combine your jeans, as the versatility they offer allows you to look great with any combinations you choose”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.