Tricks for denim

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Tricks for denim

Tricks for denim that will make your life easier

Denim is a very resistant fabric, but sometimes, when something happen to our denim garments, we tend to think it cannot be fixed, which is incorrect. Keep on reading this article as we will give you some tricks you can use on your denim clothes to make your life much easier.

“Denim is very easy to handle, you can, most of the time, modify or fix your garments manufactured with this fabric at home or with a tailor, but with the right treatment, it will not be needed as you can have them with you for years”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

  • Cuff your jeans – What if you have the perfect pair of jeans but you are tired of wearing them with high heels and want to have some rest by wearing flats? You do not have to modify the hem; instead, be creative and cuff the hem in different ways; you will get some interesting results and look pretty chic.
  • Avoid shrinkages – Your jeans can shrink when you put them into the wash machine, so always wash them in cold water, dry them at medium temperature and let them dry completely outdoors.
  • Fix the accidents – If you ever had and accident with your jeans and end up with a hole at the leg, turn your jeans into a stylish pair of distressed ones. Or if you have spoiled some bleach over your jeans by accident, it is not the end. You can always apply more bleach (mixing it with water) over them with a sponge in different sections; this will turn them into a very cool version. Remember to wash your jeans 5 minutes after you have applied bleach on them.

“There are plenty of different tricks that can be done so you can keep on wearing them, but if they are too old now, you can always give them new life by recycling them and turning them into a different garment or item”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.