Jeans: never out of fashion

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Jeans, never out of fashion

Jeans, the garments that will never be out of fashion

What do jeans have that make them so popular? Have you ever noticed that no matter what the new trends are, you can always see jeans out in the streets? This is because they are timeless, you can even save a pair of old jeans at your closet for 5 years once you think they are out of fashion and you will see how in 5 years they will be a hit again.

“Jeans are so popular for many different reasons, such as their versatility, which makes them easy to combine, their comfort, which allows you to wear them everywhere and that they adapt to the weather, so you can wear them all year long, among many other reasons”, explained Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Whether it is skinny jeans, straight fit, high rise, or any type of fits that you act, you can always find the perfect pair for your shape and style, and the best thing is that the designers are constantly renewing them, so they do not plan to be out of fashion any time soon.

The ripped jeans have been a hit over the last seasons, which a disordered and very chic style, you can look casual when you combine them with your sandals and shirt or you can make them look sophisticated with a cute blouse and heels.

The high rise jeans have also been very popular, specially worn at the office or in a date, as they can give you a formal and elegant look, plus they make your waist look smaller. Combine them with a blazer and your favorite heels and you will get a very stylish outfit.

Although there are many different new styles of jeans, one that is basic is a pair of skinny jeans, if you have a pair, you might have to saver them soon in your closet, but do not get rid of them as they will be popular once again soon.

“With so many types of jeans on different colors and finishes, it is very simple to find the right pair that will reflect your personality”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.