Skinny jeans that men should try

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Skinny jeans that men should try

Skinny jeans that all men should try this Fall

Fall is nearer each time, and with it, we see new trends that will be available once the temperature starts to go down, and this time we want to focus on menswear, with a cool alternative for the coming weeks: skinny jeans, which have become more popular each time and we see more men trying on different outfits with this garment.

“Skinny jeans are also a great alternative to have on a men’s closet, with different finishes and colors available, these jeans offer a new alternative for men looking for a new way to wear different jeans on their outfits”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim about this topic.

So you have decided to try with the skinny jeans this Fall? Well get ready for it as this will be a tremendous trend on the streets. These skinny jeans are available on different types of wash and colors, from the classic raw indigo to other darker colors, such as grey and black.

Remember that skinny jeans look great on the right type of body, so try them on if you want jeans that will flatter your body.

Here are some combinations for skinny jeans for men that you might want to try this fall:

  • Black skinny jeans with a grey tee and white sneakers.
  • Blue skinny jeans with a white tee and a plaid shirt with black shoes.
  • Black skinny jeans with a black shirt and boots for a monochromatic style.
  • Distressed skinny jeans with a washed-shirt and sneakers for a casual look.

“There are many different combinations that can be done with a pair of skinny jeans, this is a good advantage of wearing denim clothes as they are not only resistant, but versatile and you can make plenty of different outfits with them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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